Picture: Bronwen Deacon

I am an Assistant Professor at the International Institute for Information Technology, Bangalore (IIIT-B). I specialize in ethnographic methods and analyses to study people and their social contexts around technology use. My research approach combines the rigors of field immersion with observation and interview techniques to reveal insights about ‘technologies in practice’. As a person, I am forever curious about things as they are and attentive to possibilities of how they could be. I enjoy my work immensely and love being able to do what I like for a living.

My academic journey includes a bachelor’s degree in Commerce (University of Pune), two master’s degree in Communication Studies and Defence and Strategic Studies (University of Pune), and a Ph.D. in Communication Studies (The University of Texas, Austin). Prior to joining IIIT-B, I was a researcher with the Human Interactions group at Xerox Research Centre, India in Bangalore. My previous work experiences include a stint as a journalist with The Indian Express and later a position as a lecturer in Communication Studies at the University of Pune.

I can be reached on preeti [dot] mudliar [at] iiitb [dot] ac [dot] in or on LinkedIn